can’t you see you are the one


All around me are familiar faces周围都是相似的面孔
Worn out places, worn out faces破旧的世界,疲惫的面孔
Bright and early for their daily races日复一日为生活忙碌
Going nowhere, going nowhere无处可走 无处可走
And their tears are filling up their glasses泪水滴进杯子
No expression, no expression没有表情 没有表情
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow埋下头想淹没悲哀
No tomorrow, no tomorrow没有明天 没有明天


Windflowers . my father told me not to
go near them.He said he feared them always .
and he told me that they carried him away

Windflowers, Beautiful windflowersI couldn't
wait to touch them,to smell them I held
them closely.And now I cannot break away.

Their sweet bouquet disappears like the vapor

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