Breathe Again----Juwita suwito

Have you wondered how it feels when it's all over
Wondered how it feels when you just have to start a new,
Never knowing where you're going,
When you face a brand new day,
It used to be that way,
Now i just close my eyes and say

I just want to breathe

As I moved on
come and dance, come
i was all alone, going for a ride
travelling solo, off my guard
i had to follow this calling from the wild
into the shadows
into the shadows of my heart
ieeded all my strength to
stand up to your agenda
i said it, i said it again
i never wanna become


Time for everbody
Listen to the sound
and all the lonely people
live beneath the ground
don´t listen to another
just listen to yourself
only changes can happens
when you change yourself
I want run
I want hide
I only want to live
To live my life

Breathe of pain

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