11-08-2007 | Movies & Musics | Views: 3399

Here I Am_Kaskade

I'm too shy to show you my vulnerable side
I'm to near to make it clear - emotional suicide
Is this love im thinking of? I know that
Close the latch I can't attach, im sure that

Here I am, I can't give you anything
Here I stand, I can't turn away
Here I am, don't want to cause you pain

10-31-2007 | Movies & Musics | Views: 2782

Nobody but you_Trembling Blue Stars

What am I going to do
I don't want to live without love
But I don't want to love
Nobody but you
Someone who doesn't want
Me any more, me any more
Someone who no longer wants me
What am I going to do?

Anyone else
I'd always be thinking
How they're not you
I'd always be thinking

10-24-2007 | Movies & Musics | Views: 3516

You Could Be Happy_Snow Patrol

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