Jing Gangshan
11-17-2020 | By: shadowli

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Last week, I went back to my hometown - Jing Gangshan, then took a lot of photos of the beautiful mountain city. The weather there was still very nice, every day was sunnyday, all things shining. But there are some difference in temperature between the day and the evening, you'd better put on more clothes in the evening, or you might feel cold. In the daytime, the weather was so fine that I went out for a walk with my mother every day. Oh, you know what, I also went to play table tennis with my mother and father. It is said that this sport is good for health. Although it's not easy exercise, you feel interesting and relaxed. So, I highly recommend it. Oh, by the way, there are two new "Fuxing" trains on Ji'an-Jing Gangshan railway line,the trains are very neat and convenient, what a wonderful thing! Lastly, wish everyone good health and a happy life, please do take care of yourself.

Quote of the Day: Activity is the only road to knowledge._George Bernard Shaw
每日格言:行动是通往知识的唯一道路。– 乔治·伯纳德·萧
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