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今日推荐曲目:maximilian hecker_Lady Sleep
Lady Sleep Lady Sleep, please kiss me sweetly
Throw me in a wad of cotton wool
And close my eyes, so I can see
Will you breast-feed with bewitching silence
Treat me like I was your only son
And love me like there was no morning?
You unfaithful lover
Careless mother
Cheating angel
Cause you always leave me after some time
So lustrously and disinfected
I'll be diving into you
When, eventually, will you stay forever?

很久没有推荐经典设计了,今晚来点特别的--婚纱品牌之lazaro的绝美系列,lazaro始终都保持着简洁大方的设计风格着实让人喜爱,搜到很多,挑来一些经典中的经典分享一下~这份量得配点音乐才行,可~整天在这独自推荐大堆的自认为很赞的好音乐已经让自己觉得似乎挺无趣,因实在安静,安静到怀疑起这里存在的真正价值和意义~查询51.la来的人还是有那么些的,可都选择保持沉默,这真叫人很是费解,为啥类?是难听到无语?或者是美妙到您已经沉浸其中不知该如何确切的表达真实感受,寒,想多了,可能是疼痛带给偶些许消极情绪,不该不该~~本想早点休息不上来闲扯的,可toothache实在是世界上排行第一痛苦的事儿了~上帝啊,让所有糖类食品都从偶的眼前彻底消失吧,阿门~~~好了,抱怨完了推荐首经典曲子,maximilian hecker的Lady Sleep,尤其喜欢前奏部分.用心去听才发现maximilian hecker更多让人沉迷的音乐,其实一切都好,安静的听着这些好声音吧,也许这就是生命给予我们的最好馈赠~这音乐中总有种低调的奢华感,尤其Maximlian Hecker的Dying,曾出现在某个三星广告里的唯美律...动人钢琴声似乎能牵动心灵的每次跳动~始终深爱... 呃,有点分辨不清这篇日志的主角了,maximilian hecker?或Lazaro?
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Quote meAnother
[ 2007-08-03 23:09:09 ]
The second and the third!!! omg... That is why every man should work his butt off to give his wife once a lifetime wedding ceremony!!!! BTW, don't be sad about how many are visiting and leaving comments. Every friend here cares about how you feel and enjoys sharing it with you, but everyone is living in his/her own world which might make him/her speechless. Believe me, having your place for a break is a blessing for them...

Shadowli said:
I was very moved for your support.I see your point.I won't give up.Thank you so much. [redface]
Quote 卡努
[ 2007-08-04 12:35:34 ]
于是自动查找,发现要装的是Windows media player 11。
哈哈。接着换IE。 [cyworld151]

你是说在Firefox里浏览吗?必须安装Adobe Flash Player的,否则无法显示播放器和正常播放音乐的,我试过了.
Quote Giki*
[ 2007-08-08 16:36:19 ]

Quote Giki*
[ 2007-08-11 20:19:14 ]

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