Seven days_Mark Medlock

Oh why we can’t touch the sky?
There’s no reason why
You hurt my heart.
Oh why you will make me blue?
It’s just me and you
And no one else.
Please don’t believe what they’re telling about me.
I love you, my babe, can’t you see?

Seven days and seven lonely nights
I can’ t hold you baby by my side.

10-16-2007 | Movies & Musics

Rise_Samantha James

You should believe me
And everything I choose to do
You should believe that I’ll
Always come back to you

Life is discovering
The love that we create
Life is a mystery
We need to embrace

In every way
You need to let go
You’ll see all your dreams will follow
In every way
You need to let go

10-15-2007 | Movies & Musics

Breeze_Sophie Zelmani:

My heart is leaving you
It says goodbye
Disappearing from you tonight
Not a breeze is gonna
Pass you by
There are sailingboats
There are ships
Broken rafts adrift
I'm jumping on whatever's passing by
I've blown the candle out
That you forgot
I've made sure that
The door is shut
I don't think you're ever coming back

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