Nobody but you_Trembling Blue Stars

What am I going to do
I don't want to live without love
But I don't want to love
Nobody but you
Someone who doesn't want
Me any more, me any more
Someone who no longer wants me
What am I going to do?

Anyone else
I'd always be thinking
How they're not you
I'd always be thinking


Body & Soul, explores an introspective, thoughtful side of Rick Braun's artistry. Funk grooves and irresistible pop melodies still prevail in
subtler shades, but Braun reflects maturely on the changes of his life with a collection that pays homage to his ongoing love for more
traditional jazz. The result is his most thought-provoking,


Seven days_Mark Medlock

Oh why we can’t touch the sky?
There’s no reason why
You hurt my heart.
Oh why you will make me blue?
It’s just me and you
And no one else.
Please don’t believe what they’re telling about me.
I love you, my babe, can’t you see?

Seven days and seven lonely nights
I can’ t hold you baby by my side.

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