Unbreak My Heart(勿伤我心)-Toni Braxton(唐妮.布蕾斯顿)
don*t leave me in all this pain
don*t leave me out in the rain
come back and bring back my smile
come and take these tears away
i need your arms to hold me now
the nights are so unkind
bring back those nights when i held you beside me


Don't Know Much_Aaron Neville&Linda Ronstadt
look at this face i know the years are showing
look at this life i still don't know where it's going
i don't know much but i know i love you
and that may be all i need know
look at these eyes they never see what matters
look at these dreams we beaten and so battered


morning hollow

in the silver morning hollow
trembling and getting old
smelling burnt oil of heaven
about ten years, too big to hold

she don’t get up when I come into the room
she don’t run through the fields anymore

built a fire in the kitchen
made her bed by a stove
took a walk to the graveyard
but she didn’t want to go

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